What is lock snapping?

This is burglary. Not just burglary, mastery in burglary. It is a method used by thieves that let them simply have access to your house through the door by snapping the lock.

The process

Lock snapping is a process that involved the systematic snapping of the lock cylinder into two through the application of a high level of forces and thus removing the external part of the lock. This inherently exposes the lock mechanism. And when the lock mechanism is exposed, the burglar has access to this and this simply allows for the unlocking of the door. It sounds like a whole lot of process right? Well it is not and as a matter of fact, lock snapping takes only a few seconds especially for top rated locksmiths and they have gained access into your house. Of course, since it takes just a little time, it would require skill and technique, right? Another wrong thought. Lock snapping does not require any skill or technique the only skill required in this act is brute force. These facts are so scary because if this is the case, which home is safe and which is not. Are people going to live with the thought that anyone with the right amount of strength can enter their house anytime they want? People who carry out the act of lock snapping use tools like screwdrivers and hammers to snap these locks.

Locks not to use

There are specific locks that are most susceptible to these lock snapping attacks. These locks are those which have to fit with a euro profile. These locks are everywhere and they can be found in large concentrations as locks on composite doors. They also form a majority of the locks in PVCu. They are found on these doors which have been installed for the last 15 years they work alongside the multipoint lock.

There have been major upgrades to lock and there are also standards to locks which are resistant to these attacks and they can’t be snapped. To make sure you are safe from these kinds of attacks you would need to upgrade your lock to one of these resistant locks. These locks prevent these attacks and they meet a particular standard described as TS007 3 Star standard.

The euro profile cylinder lock

No matter the level of home security you have in your house, once it has a euro profile cylinder lock then it is all compromised. This lock has a lot of weak points that allow for easy snapping. It features too little quality material to give any robust strength or integrity to your home. Worse still the screw fixing makes it all easier as the snapper or thieves can easily snap the cylinder and they are in, no stress and in seconds too.


You need to go to your home, and go to your locks right now and check if you are using a euro profile lock. Except your area is heavily guarded (which should not even matter) you can leave them. Safety for yourself and your property, as well as your family, is important and this should mean your home should have the highest quality of locks.

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