What are the 3 toughest stains to remove from a rug and the ways to do it?

We frequently get asked by customers for both commercial and residential properties about some types of rug stains cleaning in Houston. To that we say, show us your toughest! There’re several ways rugs can be damaged. Whether it is a brightly colored drink, or pet or anything else, the finest solution to remove rug stains is to act rapidly.

Do your best to clean up the issue rapidly – some will be harder than others to fix up, and sometimes it might smoothly be too difficult to fix for yourself! Fortunately, we are here to help, and available around the clock. If you experience some of the following toughest stains on your rug, use these methods rapidly.

Bloodstains and Bodily fluids

An injury from family or friend member in the house is a tricky solution to address. Blood is extremely the same as juice stains in that it penetrates rapidly and leaves a dark rug stain after it has dried. Ensure the injured is attended to, and if possible, clean any blood from the affected rug while it’s still fresh.

Excrement and vomit from an animal or kid not only stain your rug but can leave a foul, persistent smell! To clean rug stains of this type, clean up the mess to the finest of your capability. Baking soda can help to eliminate smell and remove moisture. Chances are, it’ll need a deep cleaning of the rug to fully remove all signs of the accidents. We recommend treating the rug with shampoo and another reliable cleaner.

Grape juice or wine stains

Some fruit stains can be gigantic pain to clean. Several wine drinkers and parents are whole too familiar with these toughest stains! They seep into rug fivers rapidly with their purple or red colors, oftentimes causing permanent damage. If you experience one, treat the rug rapidly while the stain is still new and wet with hydrogen peroxide. After some moments, use a spray with combination of cleaner and water to minimize the damage caused.

Coffee stains and Ink Stains

A normal occurrence for both commercial and residential of our, coffee stains is one more nuisance to handle with. They leave unsightly brown/yellowish stains, can be hard to clean. If you’ve an accidental coffee spill, check to see if dishwasher detergent and vinegar available, as those can be utilized to help minimize the damage reasoned by the stain.

One not so attractive quality of pens is their tendency to go haywire at seemingly casual times, leaving with ink everywhere on the rug. One more in the list of toughest to clean rug stains, ink stains can destroy rug if they’re not cleaned thoroughly. Our key solution for cleaning ink stain form rug is to chemically pre-condition the spot with ammonia, and then truck mount steam rinse it after to clean the rug stain. If you have any questions in mind rug stain related – contact us now!

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