Best Hairstyles for the Over 50’s

As women get older, a major hurdle they face is learning how to age gracefully. They have to learn to embrace styles that are more elegant and mature and but still have you a youthful, charm to them. After all, the goal is for you to look incredible and not drab. A major element which comes into play here’s sure, your hair.

The right hairstyle can infuse a mature lady with a sense of confidence by making her look so chic and stylish. Which is why we have compiled a list of the best trending haircut that a modern elderly woman who’s over 50-60 can sport with aplomb! But before, take into that; let’s talk about few key things you have to remember before you zero in our new haircut.

Tips For Styling Hair For Elderly Over 50

  • As you grow aged, it’s best to go for that are simpler to trendy. So, avoid any hair cuts that are too shaggy or layered as they will end up looking unkempt and messy. Instead, ho for more straight haircut styles.
  • Highlights are a remarkable way to add some movement and brightness to your hair. Just ensure that you keep them only a couple of shades lighter than your base to give off a greater vibe.
  • If you are somebody who has sported bangs entire life, you do not need to give up on them now just because you are older. Only go for more mature hairstyles like side-swept or wispy bangs to keep things understand, but new.

Well, now that you understand what main points to remember when picking your hairstyle, let’s now loot at the fun hairstyles that you can try out!

Gray Pixie Cut

If you are struggling with coming to times with your grey hair, it is time you took a look at Jamie Lee Curtis. This stylish actress has embraced her grays and gone for a sexy pixie and edgy cut style. Now, she is a badass if there ever was one!

Simple Shoulder Length Hair

If you are not taking style inspiration from Meryl, then you have some serious self-assessment to do. This amazing lady knows what she is doing when it comes to her hair look. The casually swept back half updo just adds to the charm of her look.

Sleek Short Bob

If there is one thing that Viola Davis knows how to rock, its how to sport a short bob. This straight but short bob parted on 1 side keeps things understand and trendy. But Davis has managed to include some subtle dimension to it by going for a few dark brown highlights right at the front side.

Multidimensional Brunette Pixie

A remarkable way to mask the grays in your hair is to go for a shade job that incorporates several shades of similar colors. For example, you can try out brunette look in shades of honey blonde and ultra chocolate brown that creates an amazing multidimensional effect. Pair this colors job with a pixie haircut and dramatic side-swept bangs to nail that advanced look.

Asymmetrical Bob

If there’s one celebrity out there who’s the human embodiment of sophistication and class, it has to be Helen. To make a hair look that’s in line with her gorgeous personality, she has gone for an asymmetrical short bob with one side-swept bang in an icy platinum shade.

Curly Golden Blonde Bob

Jessica Lange looks to be one of those ladies who just only get more elegant with age .this is probably because she learned to age gracefully by picking styles that complement her old age. This golden blonde bob themed in tousled curls is some stunning proof of the same.

Spiky Pixie Cut

Just because you are growing old does not mean that you’ve to give up your inner sense of style. If your taste leans towards ultra edgy and bold hair looks, then you’d clearly go for this pixie haircut with razored offside. Style this cut in few cool spikes with the aid of some hair gel to finish off the look.

Straight Medium Length Hair

If there is one woman out there who knows how to keep thins new with her hair, it has got to be Diane Keaton. To embrace her grays in entire their glory, she has gone for a silvery blonde shade entire over her mane. These stunning tresses have styled in a sleek straightway and topped off with a black top hat to include a stylish touch of whimsy.

Brown To Blonde Root Melt

Dual-tone color jobs work quite fine in infusing life to dull hair. This flawless cool-toned brown to blonde root melt does perfectly that while also making her hair seem longer and healthier. Style this looks straight and includes some side-swept bangs to add a bit of youthful vibe to your look. Get more ideas from the best barbers in Soho, London – Pankhurst.

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