3 Places to Visit in Bedfordshire

Located in the East of England, Bedfordshire is a county which is still not highlighted in the tourism world map for most of its parts. This is mainly because the residents of Bedfordshire are comfortable in their privacy and prefer to keep their culture to themselves. It does not mean that they are not open for tourism.

Bedfordshire is full of gigantic and palatial estates and award-winning wildlife attractions. Apart from which you can find 18th-century architecture and traditional pubs which compliments the streets of the entire Bedfordshire. Here are the best places you can visit in Bedfordshire while you are touring this beautiful county.


One of the most peaceful and fresh places in the whole county is the village of Woburn. It has a series of flat-fronted townhouses which showcase upscale restaurants, antique shops and even tailors. It is one of the posh regions of the county, and the infrastructure throughout the place speaks for it.

The Woburn Abbey is a former monastery that became the seat of the Duke of Bedford. It is now open to tourists and displays a special art collection of 24 Canalettos, 10 van Dycks, and other priceless works. While you are there with your family, you can also enjoy the Woburn safari for keeping your kids entertained.


The most diverse region of the entire Bedfordshire county is its town, Bedford. Around one-third of Bedford is home to Italian generations, and also contain a large Punjabi community. There is a long history behind this town which is written down by several historians. A 17th-century preacher and writer John Bunyan have written about the time of pilgrims settling in Bedford while he was in 12 years imprisonment.


Bedford has the Bunyan Museum, which explains the entire history of the place and is open only in summer. The Higgins Bedford Museum displays the artefacts from the eras of Saxon and Romans and paintings of J.M.W. Turner.

Other than the museums, you can try out the street food and even have fine dining at Tavistock Street with diversified cuisine options.

Leighton Buzzard

This is one final spot for the shopaholics who are looking for an engaging market town. Leighton Buzzard is a town built around Grand Union Canal which linked Birmingham with London in the 1920s. On the south of the town, you can find Bedfordshire’s most beautiful countryside with cows, sheep, and green fields.

Ascott House is one splendid architecture which was developed by Leopold de Rothschild in the early 1900s. It covers 13 square kilometres which is the only one of its kind. You cannot miss witnessing this marvellous place while you are there. You can also take your kids for long walks in the fields and let them learn how the farms work. The farms also offer several activities such as grooming the ponies, bottle feeding lambs and horse riding if you are planning to have some extra fun in the countryside.

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